Preventing Blocked Drains

There is not much that can go wrong with toilets or a kitchen sink drain, and it is not very often they require new parts either.

The main concern is foreign objects and food getting stuck in them. However, it is important to constantly be aware of this information when renting a property. The reason being is that there is an increased risk of a blocked drain occurring, and if the tenant causes the drain blockage, then tenant will responsible for paying the bill on the repair.

Basically, avoid putting waste from cooking down the drain. For example, hot fat from cooking, as when the fat drops in temperature it becomes hard and can close off any water exiting the property. Food should be placed in the bin or disposed off appropriately and not forced down the drain as well. Even if it is only a small amount, over time the waste can build up and cause a blockage.

In addition with your loo, tenants should avoid the disposal of kitchen paper towels, wipes or any other foreign objects, other than toilet paper or human waste, at all times. Small quantities of loo paper is designed to disintegrate/break up and exit into the sewer, where other objects are not.

Our top tips are:

Regularly check manholes and drain covers to see if drain’s are running freely, if not this could be the start of a drain blocking and could become completely blocked in the near future.

Do not put cooking fats, oils or any greasy materials down sinks or plugholes.  Fats and oils congeal in the drain reducing the pipes diameter and flow rate and will ultimately lead to a blocked drain if not cleared.

Do not flush nappies, cotton buds, sanitary towels, kitchen towels, serviettes or baby wipes down toilets as this will block the drain.

Only use recommended amounts of washing powder for that load as washing powder will solidify in the drain and cause it to block.

Don’t leave food waste on plates and cutlery when washing up or when loading the dishwasher. This will be flushed into drains causing a build up and ultimately a blocked drain.

Clear waste over drain guards covering gullys and drain aways, preventing leaves and garden materials falling in and causing blockages.

Ensure guttering and down pipes are kept clear of debris including leaves. This will cause a blockage if washed into the drain.

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