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Article 4


The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) is advising landlords to be aware of planning changes affecting certain types of rental properties.

Many local authorities have indicated they wish to enforce Article 4 directions, which will allow them to require planning permission if a property is being changed from a dwelling house (Class C3) to a House in Multiple Occupation (a ‘small HMO’ – Class C4). 

Not only does this mean having to apply for planning permission (which may well not be granted) if your tenants change from being one family to, say, a group of three nurses sharing, but landlords could also have to apply for licences. 

We remind clients that Oxford City's Article 4 directive expires in February, and from that time, permission will be required to move from C3 usage to C4 If you are considering purchasing a property you will need to ensure that established usage can be documented on or before the 24th Feb 2012.

If you need any further advice, you may want to talk to a planning consultant......... JPPC at Bagly Lodge seem to be quite good, although they have not taken up our offer to do a guest blog on the subject!

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