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Consultation on Licensing Scheme

Can you believe it is coming up to five years since the city introduced the additional licensing scheme?  They are holding a consultation at the Kassam stadium in July (see image)

If you are thinking of going, I would be very happy to discuss a co-ordinated approach to some of the issues experienced by clients with renewals in particular. The city has published a review of the scheme and although it is fairly clear that their internal review favours a city-wide extension of the scheme, there are a number of questions that merit consideration.

1.   What percentage of HMOs (of the 7000 estimated by the city) are now licensed?

2.   Where do EHO find most unlicensed HMOs?

3.   The licensing scheme appears to be generating between 1.2m and 1.5m pa.  can we see any accounts? 

4.   How much money is the council spending on enforcement?

5.   Would it not be cost efficient to "contract out" aspects of he licensing work.....especially as accredited agents are visiting the properties regularly?

I am sure that there are other questions that need to be tabled at the consultation meeting and that have not been addressed in the report.  If you are intending to go to the meeting perhaps you could get in touch?

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