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Council Tax Register

As a Tenant you are responsible for setting up an account with the Council Tax section of your local council (Oxford City, Vale of White Horse, Cherwell or South Oxon in this area).

Even if you are full-time students and therefore exempt from payment, the Council still requires confirmation of the details of your tenancy along with your university and course dates. This information can be simply obtained through a letter of student status from your college. This letter should be sent direct to the council and they will then be able to confirm your exemption by sending out an Exemption Certificate to the premises. It is important that you retain this certificate. 

Oxford City Council are currently instructing bailiffs to premises where there has been non registration or non payment of council tax. Once this has been instructed, even though the premises may be tenanted by students, a charge is made. 

If you are unsure of your responsibilites or if you require assistance you can call us. If you wish to contact Oxford City Council direct their  number for Council Tax is 01865 252870.

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