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Thinking of Sharing with a Friend?

Lots of people share rented property and most are successful and run smoothly. However sometimes it doesn't work. We have compiled a short list of questions that may help you in selecting your fellow tenants:

* How well do you know this person? Remember you will be sharing a home with them for at least six months.

* Do you trust them? Remember they will have access to all of your belongings whilst you are not there.

* Do they have similar standards of cleanliness to you?

* Do they have any irritating habits which you might find infuriating after a while? 

* Are you certain they will be able to afford their share of the rent? Remember you will be signing a joint and several agreeement which means you will be legally liable for their share of the rent if they don't pay it.

* Are they committed to staying for the length of the tenancy? You will be signing for a fixed term tenancy and you will not be able to just walk away. Legally you will still be liable for the rent until the end date of the tenancy.

Only ever share with people you really trust. If you are not sure, don't do it.

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