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Cosmopolitan Lettings

Cosmopolitan Lettings

“The city of Oxford is an incredibly cosmopolitan area of the country, with many people travelling across the world to not only visit the beautiful town, but to also rent and let out properties. For such a diverse area, a cosmopolitan letting agency is a must. The ornate architecture and historic background of Oxford, makes it an ideal place for landlords to invest as the demand to live here is high. But when looking out for letting agencies in Oxford, it can be a struggle to know where to start. Luckily, within College and County, we discovered that we are able to converse fluently in twelve different languages. This has been increasingly useful, with tenants and landlords arriving from all corners of the world.

This unique skillset has made negotiating a let or managing a property not only much easier for us, but also easier for the people looking to let, or rent. It can truly help put a customer’s mind at ease knowing that there won’t be any misunderstandings due to language barriers.”

The languages covered are:

-        English

-        French

-        Gujarati

-        Hindi

-        Italian

-        Marathi

-        Spanish

-        Polish

-        Portuguese

-        Punjabi

-        Romanian

-        Tamil


If you are needing any property advice and would like to speak to some-one in any of the languages listed, please do call up and test our team……. They are all keen to keep their first, second and third languages polished and up to speed. We do believe that we have the largest language capacity of any property agency in Oxford, and now that we have launched our sales side, we think that this will give us a considerable edge with the cosmopolitan residents of Oxford. If you know any-one who has a first language listed and might need some property advice, buying selling letting or renting, they too would be most welcome to test us!