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COVID Bill ban on evictions and 6 months’ notice requirement extended until the 31st May

COVID Bill ban on evictions and 6 months’ notice requirement extended until the 31st May

The government today have confirmed the Ban on commercial evictions extended to 30 June and bailiff enforced eviction ban extended to 31 May to protect residential tenants.

Extended from the 31st March for a further two months to the 31st May, Tenants in private rented accommodation are entitled to 6 months’ notice of possession except in serious cases of breech such as anti-social behaviour, false statements or more than six months’ rent arrears,  this notice is required regardless of any break clause or outlined notice period in the contract.

What this means for Landlords

S21 notices (6A Notices) will not be served as standard process at the 6 month point by College and County. It is our view that holding tenants to confirm plans for renewing 6 months in advance will only frustrate the tenants and stop good tenants renewing.

For 99% of landlords this won’t really impact you at all, we will as normal establish your tenants plans 3 months prior to the tenancy ending. The tenants will confirm their intentions to either vacate or renew and we will either negotiate a renewal or begin marketing to find a new tenant.

However, should you have a property let by College and County that you require back at the end of the existing tenancy or intend to utilize a break clause please do let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure notices are served when possible.

Should you have any questions or wish to speak to one of our team to discuss your plans please do contact David on 01865 722722 or email [email protected]

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