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Friday, October 4, 2013 Posted in: Other

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, College and County are extremely passionate about building and maintaining long lasting relationships with everyone. College and County have received national recognition and numerous awards for innovations within the lettings industry helping the company to grow to new strengths in the past few years. What’s the secret?

…Communication is key.

The Social Media revolution is upon us. Different companies and industries have interpreted how this should be used in many ways….The trap that many fall into is not appreciating that this is a platform that relies on the users wanting to be associated with your brand. Simply regurgitating marketing and company news is unlikely to win you any ‘fans’.

College and County understand that for tenants and landlords to want to publically associate with a company page/account there needs to be some value offered. This can be anything from competitions to exclusive insights or offers. The College and County way seems to be working with their Facebook page reaching over 70,000 people over the past month. 

Maintenance reporting

College and County are recognised as one of the first letting agents to introduce Facebook groups for maintenance reporting. Now over 94% of our shared and student properties are currently using Facebook as their preferred communication channel for communication.

Tina Doyle, Senior Property Manager at College and County explains:

“When dealing with houses that have a large number of tenants we used to find that maintenance issues may be repeatedly reported within a group, or sometimes things would go unreported as groups would assume someone else had reported an issue. With Facebook all tenants in a house will join a house group which we will be made private. Tenants from day one can use this to post issues or attach photos to explain any problems we are having and all the tenants are notified when anyone posts anything ensuring at all times everyone is in the loop. Our clients love it too as through the instant dialogue we can trouble shoot issues and ensure contractors are only sent out when needed.” CompetitionsThe College and County “Win a cleaner” competition has become renowned throughout both the Oxford universities. It’s the ideal prize for students. Every year Brookes and Oxford university students go to quite extreme lengths to get the C&C cube into the best photo (see winning photo 2013 ‘Cube man’) . Who wins? That is down to the College and County fans, this year the three semi-finalists received nearly 700 votes. 

Local/Relevant Oxford News

College and County also use Social media to communicate news and events with all clients. From inviting clients to watch sporting events, interesting investment opportunities and Thames valley police warnings. College and County believe in the importance of ensuring that anything posted or tweeted is relevant to its target audience.

Take a look what College and County are up to and visit these pages….

Oxford Property News Blog – Regular blog with stories for all (make sure you subscribe)

Oxford Landlords – Offering impartial advice and highlighting some interesting investment opportunities. College and County believe this is a useful way for landlords to discuss issues and share experiences.

College and County Students – The fun stuff… loads of interesting content to keep our student tenants amused…. 

College and County Twitter – fun facts, news and updates

Take a look at our Youtube channel too- Virtual tours around our houses, interviews with lettings know-it-alls, and a few fun vids too!

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