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Energy efficiency in the PRS

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 Posted in: Landlords

We have been contacted by a Brookes masters student, who is exploring strategies for improving energy efficiency in the Private Rented Sector.  We have been fairly certain that since the inception of the EPC there will be drivers to explore ways of achieving this.  Indeed, Oxford City Council have included energy efficiency as part of their proposals for extending licensing of HMOs.

I believe that grants routed through local government or through regulated letting agents, would be a creative addition to the energy efficiency map.  It might be worth spending a minute or two on this questionnaire so that at least there is a body of data from Private Landlords.  It has been indicated that College and County will have access to the findings when the research is finished, and this may prove useful in the future.  If you need copies of your EPC for property that you own, please call the office.

Details of the questionnaire author.

I am a student at Brookes studying a part time Masters in Sustainable Buildings. My dissertation topic is looking at the various ways private landlords can be encouraged to undergo energy-efficient upgrades on their rented properties. As such I have produced a short questionnaire,  and I would be grateful if you could complete all sections on-line. All information will remain anonymous.

An ambition of the dissertation is to recommend courses of action at government and local authority level in order to achieve the energy reductions needed and thus the opinions of landlords are crucial to making sound recommendations and judgements on both existing and proposed initiatives and incentives.

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