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Farm... Houses?

Thursday, October 17, 2013 Posted in: Property Market

There has been a strong retaliation against the government’s plans to allow farmers to turn buildings into farm houses from the CPRE.

Whilst on one hand there is great demand for property and therefore this could be a great opportunity for property developers and landlords, campaigners are keen to keep the English countryside rural.

The proposals wish to grant rights to build up to three houses and demolish existing buildings in countryside areas. However the worry is that this could lead to “surburbanised farmsteads” leading to a great deal of damage to English landscapes.

Paul Miner, CPRE’s Senior Planning Campaigner:

"These proposals will mean housing popping up in unsuitable locations in the remote countryside. And it’s not just the housing but the garages, sheds, lighting and fences that will come with them that will destroy the character of rural areas."

“Landowners and farmers may welcome these proposals as a licence to print money and get around the planning system by throwing some homes up and selling as soon as possible to the highest bidder. If this happens, any new housing won’t even need to be affordable or be required to meet the housing needs of local people." 

“The Government really should abandon these proposals and live up to its claims that it wants local people to have a say about development in their area.”

What are your views about the proposals? 

As a landlord the opportunity of more properties to invest in may be appealing, but do you feel rural areas should be kept rural?

Join in the conversation and let us know your views.

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