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Green Deal or No Deal?

Monday, February 18, 2013 Posted in: Property Market Landlords

As the kick off for the Green Deal initiatives get closer the rhetoric is hotting up. Comments in recent weeks from the opposition climate change spokesperson indicating some concerns over the costs of the loans for these measures, is countered by more optimistic noises from the NLA. "The Green Deal is a prime opportunity for private landlords to prove they are able to self-regulate and improve the energy efficiency of their properties...It is imperative that landlords assess whether their properties are eligible for a Green Deal grant." Says David Salisbury Chair of the organisation. 

One of the most balanced comments has been from the Executive Director of Which, Richard LLoyd, who seems to be placing the organisation firmly on the fence; "Rising energy prices are one of consumers' top financial concerns so we support measures to make homes more energy efficient and save people money on their bills but we want to make sure consumers are aware of all the pros and cons before taking out financing through the Green Deal. The Green Deal might work for some people but, as with any financial product, whether it's a good deal for you will depend upon your personal and financial circumstances. Overall, people should tread carefully, check the small print and shop around."

It has been very difficult for us to properly advise clients........ Certainly it may be worthwhile for owners of some of the single skin, between the wars, ex local authority stock, to explore some of the external insulation measures that are available through the funding; if an appropriate mix of grants and reasonable loans can be made available, works may be cost efficient. If you would like to find out more about this, Have a look at the new Department of Energy and Climate Change website, and access this link to an example of the Cashback scheme that is available until the first £40m has been spent.

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