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High fees high expectations

Thursday, July 4, 2013 Posted in: Landlords Other

With tuition fees having soared recently, expectations of young people going to university are higher than ever.

University is now much more than a degree. It’s an experience. And students want to make the most out of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Aiming for the best universities and wanting the best possible course, it’s no surprise that these high standards are reflected in the desired accommodation.

Gone are the days of dark dingy digs. Now students want a home.

Knowing this and coming into such a busy period for student rental properties it’s a great idea to cast an eye over your property and see if there is any tweaking that can be done. 

These changes range from big to small and cheap to expensive. In such a crowded market they can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Big changes

Physical space- have you got room for an ensuite, a living area for tenants to congregate in? A little bit of luxury for today’s stressed out student.

Little things count

We understand that these changes are huge and can be costly, but what about the small things? They count too. Is there a dishwasher and washing machine available for use? Time saving utilities will be appreciated. Could the walls do with a lick of paint? Could the curtains be laundered? Try to ensure furniture matches in each room, so not to give it a disjoined mashed together feel.

Dressed up and ready to go

Your property is dressed up and ready for new tenants to make it a home. What next? Your property advert needs to look great, and stand out from the many ads that potential tenants will flick through. Make sure that the photos on the ad do your property justice. Light rooms well, get angles that show off the size of the room and make sure rooms are presented beautifully- no one wants to view a messy house. If you can, get a professional photographer in. when this isn’t possible, take a number of photos, and choose the best.

First impressions

Using these top tips, hopefully you’ll have many people queuing to view your property. The viewing is the last hurdle. Make it count. Accompany your viewers around the house so you get a feel for what they want and what you can emphasise. Listen to their concerns. Try to resolve these if possible. A tenant usually has a feeling as they leave a house as to whether or not the house is right for them. Make the most of the viewing. Make it count.

Have you got any top tips for when it’s time to doll up your property ready for show?

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