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How can the property industry embrace Social Media?

Friday, November 1, 2013 Posted in: Other

So this morning I was flicking through Twitter like the morning newspaper (as per usual) and came across this very interesting blog by Will Hughes talking about how Estate Agents should be using social media.

How Estates Agents Should be Using Social Media

Now, we may be a Letting not Estate Agent but surely the same rules apply for us.

Will was interested in people's response so I couldn't help but have a little preach about how College and County really are embracing social media.

With profiles on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and a Youtube channel, we believe we really are embracing social media. I responded to Will's blog as seen below... what are your views on Estate Agents using Social Media?

"Very interesting read. It's so important to embrace social media at the moment. Why wouldn't you? An inexpensive but effective way of building and maintaining relationships with current and potential customers.

Personally, we try not to use social media to sell. I think it's best used to buld relationships so that when potential customers are at a stage where they need your product/ service you are at the forefront of their mind. Just be wary not to bombard people with "spam" as you do get a lot of it on social media. Quality over quantity every time! Ensure people are getting something out of what you're posting, and engage with people. Social media is all about two way communication. 

College and County have received national recognition and numerous awards for innovations within the lettings industry helping the company to grow to new strengths in the past few years. Take a look at our - It focuses mainly on our innovative use of facebook but at the end you will find links to our Twitter, G+, Pinterest and Youtube Channel.

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