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Results of the English Housing Survey are in!

Thursday, September 12, 2013 Posted in: Other

We’ve been reviewing the results of the English housing survey, and have found there are great signs of housing improvements, especially within the privately rented sector.

Privately rented accommodation has seen a rise in popularity, partly funded by lenders and buy to let investors. The amount of houses which are now being rented has risen to 3.8 million, matching the amount of houses that are being socially rented.

The majority of houses in England are still occupied by owners; however the rate has dropped from 71% in 2003 to 65% currently. This leads us to believe that renting is becoming increasingly popular. See our blog where we suggest reasons why this may be. 

Almost two-thirds of socially rented houses are paid for using housing benefits, compared to one-quarter of privately rented accommodation which relies somewhat on housing benefit.

Although there has been a lot of press coverage regarding overcrowding in the UK, there have been no significant changes when looking at the survey. Overcrowding affects just 1% of owner occupied households. It is slightly higher in social housing which suffers from overcrowding at a rate of 7%, and privately rented accommodation is suffering from overcrowding at a rate of 6%. 

On the flip side, under crowding is a lot more common, with 49% of owner occupied houses being under crowded. Social housing suffers from under crowding at a rate of 10%, and privately rented housing sees under crowding at a rate of 16%.

The government is currently encouraging housing to be more energy efficient, and this has been highly reflected in the 2011-12 housing survey. The socially rented sector has the highest rate of energy efficient homes.

It has been reported that almost a quarter of English houses do not meet the decent home standards, however this is significantly less than what was reported in 2012. The proportion of homes which do not meet a decent standard is now at its lowest rate in the social housing sector at 17%, and at its highest rate within privately rented housing at 35%.

 Unsurprisingly the privately rented sector has the highest percentage of turnover. 32% of tenants renting privately have lived in their current home for under a year. This is significantly higher than owner occupied houses where only 3% of owner occupiers have lived in their house for under a year. 61% of home owners and 44% of socially renting tenants have lived in their houses for over 10 years.

College and County will be comparing these results to those found in next year’s English housing survey, and looking for any trends that may appear.

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