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You Can Make a Difference

Thursday, October 13, 2011 Posted in: Tenants
Saving energy these days will not only help save the world but also can be a valuable cost cutter. With energy bills becoming larger and more unpredictable to budget for, these are some timely energy saving tips:

Reducing Heating Costs
* If temperatures are too high turn the heating down rather than open windows. (reducing the room temperature by one degree Celsius can save 8% in fuel bills);
* Report doors and windows that do not seal correctly when closed;
* Dress appropriately for the season, put on a jumper and turn down the heating; 
* Do not use portable electric heaters - report heating problems;
* Report thermostatic valves that are not working;
* Close doors and keep radiators unobstructed by furniture and curtains to minimise heat wastage.

Reducing Electricity Costs
* Switch off lights that are not needed and make maximum use of daylight;
* Remind your housemates to turn off lights after hours if they are the last one in; 
* Don't switch on all the lights if few people are in the property;
* Report faulty lighting promptly - a flickering tube uses more electricity;
* You can save energy by using low energy bulbs.

Reducing Water Use
* Report any dripping taps;
* Have showers not baths;
* Boil only the required amount of water in the kettle; 
* Don't leave the tap running while you brush your teeth;
* Clean/prepare vegetables in a bowl rather than under a running tap;
* Run the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads rather than part loads;

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