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Independent Agency

Benefits Of Using An Independent Estate Agent When Selling Your Property

An independent estate agent is more likely to have local knowledge

When it comes to selling or presenting property, local knowledge goes a very long way. An estate agent that knows the market, knows who is likely to buy this style of home and where they look for property information, will provide a specialist and more tailored service compared to an estate agent without this knowledge. A knowledgeable agent provides information that goes beyond knowing the local bus routes or trains which are detailed online, they have a working knowledge of the community. This allows them to sell the area, as well as a home, and they can promote properties in the most effective manner to potential buyers.

Independent estate agents have developed trust, reputation and relationships in the local area

A very strong reason for choosing an independent estate agent from an area is the fact that they will likely be known and recommended. If this agent has helped many other residents find their ideal home or assist in selling property, they exude a confidence that people will automatically trust. This means when your property is listed or promoted by an independent estate agent, more people will take notice. Whether this is for their own needs or they decide to tell other people about the property doesn’t matter, it will ensure that word spreads about your property.

You will receive more time and focus from an independent estate agent

An independent estate agent is more likely to provide you with time and focus. An estate agent from a major firm will have targets and they’ll likely have a wider portfolio. This means they may not know your property in an in-depth manner and it may mean they don’t have the time to get to know you, find out about what your property offers or help you make the property more presentable. If you need a helping hand in selling your home, you want to feel more confident about selling the property or you just want to feel as though you matter to the agent, hiring an independent estate agent will put your mind at rest.

Independent estate agents will be less likely to utilise automated services

Corporate estate agents are likely to have busier workloads and they work for a company with a bigger budget, it will be no surprise to learn that many of these firms automate a lot of their services and processes giving you less of a personal touch. However, there is nothing wrong with automation when it is used correctly as it can save time and provide a consistent service. However, there are times when estate agents need to be more hands-on and provide a tailored service to their clients and in selling a property. You are more likely to receive this from an independent agent.

Local independent estate agents are more likely to know local by-laws and specific regulations

Local knowledge isn’t just about bus stops and shops; it is often about local laws and specific health regulations, codes or requirements. If you want to make sure that your estate agent knows what they need to do, and minimise the likelihood of errors or mistakes arising at a later date, call on the services of an independent estate agent that focuses solely in the local area.

An independent estate agent is less likely to be conflicted

When an estate agent has a busy workload or they deal with a lot of clients, they may find that they are conflicted. An estate agent may have regular work with a larger firm, and this means they may need to focus on satisfying that client before they can carry out work for you. No one wants to feel second best, so opt for an independent estate agent that puts your needs first and will make you feel like a valued customer every time.